In 2010 I started a project called Creative Exponential Continuum as a platform to engage other artists in collaboration.

The initial venture was with one watercolor artist, Diane Michelin of British Columbia, Canada; a well-known, highly-respected watercolorists.  Diane and I have been ‘Friends’ on Facebook for several years. We shared two major pleasures in life: art and fly-fishing. Our collaborative was inevitable.

For several years I had produced short-stories based upon my eLITHOGRAPH images developed for my art outlet, OOAK DigitalGallery.   So, I just substituted my images with Diane’s.  It was an accidental – but serendipitous – happening.

Diane posted an image on her Facebook page and I was immediately ‘struck with a story’.  I wrote the story and sent it to Diane with the question, “Are you interested in a collaborative adventure?”  She wrote back, “If this is what your speaking of, when do we do the next one?”  I took that as both a YES for the project and a YES for posting my story with her painting as the illustration around which it was written.

Our collaboration continues and will greatly expand over the coming months.  And the collaboration has expanded to include other artists and will grow even bigger as well in the coming months.

CreXpoCon is a lot of fun. And it’s getting ready to become even more interesting.

– CreXpoCon